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2022-2023 Grant Awards

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2022-2023 Fall Grant Awards  $52,371

Pearson Elementary, Craig Frick, $3,461

Materials for a STEAM program of weekly, hands-on science units, in collaboration with Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, for all students as well as a 4th-5th grade Robotics Team 

Generously funded by the Poulsbo Rotary Club

Instructional Tech/Library Media, Jeremy Sullivan, $2,619

11 Green screen kits with stands and lights for each school’s media center so students can demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways, including real-world video creation and editing


Poulsbo Elementary, Cynthia Gilman, $500

Piano accompanist for an after-school children’s choir, providing the opportunity to experience the joy of making music in collaboration with peers


Vinland Elementary, 4th Grade Team, $2,000

90 fourth grade students will visit the capitol in Olympia to learn about legislation, elections and branches of government in this perennial educational experience highlight


Choice Academy, Theresa Rose, $8,200

All students will participate in a “Challenge Day” of interactive and experiential learning, music and inspirational lessons from trained facilitators to foster expression of compassion, connection and diversity


Choice Academy, Jodi Williams, $1,586

A variety of seating options for a flexible and engaging educational environment, with choices of wobble chairs, exercise balls, standing desks and floor seating 


Kingston High, Thomas Guenther, $600  

Winner of the Glen Robbins Education Innovation Award

Jazz band students will play a special composition written just for them by nationally-acclaimed composer Dr. Greg Yasinitsky when they perform at the 2023 All-NW Music Educators Conference

Generously funded by the Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary Foundation


Elementary Schools - PE Team, Jamie Smaaladen, $3,280

Mini-golf set of nine holes, golf balls and putters to be shared across all elementary PE programs


Pearson Elementary, Michelle Scarr, $1,179

Materials for social-emotional support in the classroom to help kindergartners self-regulate with weighted blankets, Fidgety Feet chair bands, sand and water table and geoboards


Poulsbo and Kingston Middle, Cameron Peters and Karla Manugid, $7,151

Classroom sets of temperature, magnetic field, light reflectivity/absorption and motion sensors to be used for realistic, hands-on science experiments for over 400 8th grade science students

Generously funded by the Poulsbo Lions Club


Kingston High, Rachel Flores, $3,000

Flight simulator with immersive “cockpit” experience for career exploration opportunities, available to all students in the media center/library 

Generously funded by the Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary Foundation


Pearson Elementary, Tamera Rabura, $681

Fifth grade students will learn several pieces of music and then travel to Seattle to play with the Seattle Symphony and their LinkUp Program in a culminating field trip to Benaroya Hall


Poulsbo Middle, Rick Burleson, $1,250

Lego building sets for engaging and hands-on math and writing units to foster collaboration and creativity in students with diverse learning needs


Suquamish Elementary, Randall Wood, $2,296

Refurbishes and repairs classroom set of musical instruments including xylophones and metallophones used in all grade levels by over 300 budding musicians


Poulsbo Developmental Preschool, Jill Porter and Daniela Muniz, $2,866

Materials to support gross motor movement and sensory regulation to maximize learning and social-emotional skills, including a sensory chair, balance logs and giant pillows and bean bags


Poulsbo Middle, Rae Burleson, $1,935

Classroom library of 160 varied reading-level books to engage struggling readers in middle school with graphic novels and chapter books about science fiction, sports, fantasy and other high-interest topics


Kingston High, Elisabeth Gorton, $7,227

Classroom sets of TI-84 graphing calculators for 5 math classes, increasing equitable access and opportunity for 9th - 12th graders to learn how to use this tool


Wolfle Elementary, Mayra Gaal, $1,185

Over 20 VOX audio books for check-out from the library, allowing students to listen to books, follow along with the text and turn the pages without any additional technology

Generously funded by a Greater Kingston Kiwanis Foundation Richard and Judy Osborn Memorial Grant


Pearson Elementary, Tamera Rabura, $1,355

Second, third and fourth graders will attend the Bremerton Symphony OrKIDstra concert to experience a live performance of Greig’s Peer Gynt Suite, fostering life-long music appreciation

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