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2022-2023 Grant Awards

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2022-2023 Winter Grant Awards  $40,224

Kingston High School, Holly Van Weezendonk, $3892

This grant will be used to purchase Lego kits for the newly formed Lego club at KHS. The grant will impact 600 students from 9th to 12th grade. 


Poulsbo Elementary, Cynthia Gilman, $1250

This grant will be used to fully fund a choir accompanist. Grant will impact 22 students, grade 4 to 5. 


Vinland Elem, Annika Saavedra, $1500

This grant will cover a trip to the Burke Museum Burkemobile, which brings the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture experience directly to the students as well as Burke Boxes, which are portable kits of museum quality collection pieces and lessons for the classroom. Grant will impact 92 students in the 4th grade. This grant was generously funded by Crossroads Rotary


Kingston Middle School AVID, Daniele Warman, $1734

This grant will cover organization supplies for AVID. AVID is a non-profit organization that provides professional learning for educators to improve college readiness for all students, especially those traditionally underrepresented in higher education. Remaining funds will impact 6th grade students as part of a pilot program. 


Kingston Middle School - Teen Advisory Board, Lynn Atherton, $1198

This grant will fund a student led program, the Cooking and Baking Society, student led program. All KMS students are eligible to participate. 


Kingston High School Band, Tom Guenther, $5000

This grant will fund 47 students, grades 9 to 12 for music program travel. 


Kingston Middle School Robotics, David DiPrete, $5000

Robotics materials for 32 students in grade 6. The program is open to all KMS students via lottery. 


Kingston High School, Lisa Gray-Fritz, $2420

Grant will fund a field trip to Olympia for the KHS Senior class as part of a civics lesson in government. 


Wolfe Elementary Preschool, Pat Muniz, $1021

Grant will fund scooters for 50 students. 


Choice Academy, Penny Therrien, $1700

Washer and dryer for “Thrifty Choice,” a student-led thrift clothes program. 


Poulsbo Elementary, Kaleen Steinke, $5000

This grant will fund an overnight trip to Islandwood for a student program. Grant will impact 81 students in the 5th grade who will also be fundraising for the remaining costs of their experience. 


Kingston MIddle School, Lynn Atherton, $2528

This grant will impact 30 students who participate in the Anime and Manga Group. This grant was generously funded by Crossroads Rotary


North Kitsap School District, Jeremy Sullivan, $5000

This grant will fund the purchase of STEM kids for library media centers and impact all NKSD students. 


Gordon Elementary Special Ed, Lisa Kympton, OT, $632

This grant will fund switch adapted art supplies and be available to all qualified students in the district. 


North Kitsap High School, Lola Haveman, $419

This grant will fund an American and French student pen pal project, which has previously been funded since 2010 by the teacher. 


SPED, Lynn Mackey-Moseley, $1668

This grant will fund switch adapted toys and recreation equipment and impact 21 students. 


Pearson Elementary, Michelle Scarr, $262

This grant will provide a Drying rack for art projects and display trays, impacting kindergarten students at Pearson. 

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