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Fall 2021-2022 - $28,200

Pearson Elementary


Cathleen Coleman


Three classroom libraries of books to practice decoding and fluency skills for emerging first grade readers

Jerrine Gabrio & Jennifer Nelson

$3,450 funded by Poulsbo Rotary

Materials and books for hands-on experiments during Family STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) events.

Tamera Rabura


Ukuleles to learn kindergarten - fifth grade music concepts with hands-on engagement and in a COVID-safe manner.

Poulsbo Elementary


Cindy Gilman


Glockenspiels to support music instruction in a hands-on and COVID-safe way for Kindergarten - 3rd grade.

Nicole Khvalabov


Books and materials to support language, vocabulary and social skills during speech/language intervention.

Summit Program: Melissa Knodel, Lee Pruett, Jenny Sage-Degnin, & Nicole Khvalabov


Read-aloud books and activities to teach social-emotional concepts and self-regulation to support inclusion.

Gordon Elementary

Cathy McIsaac

$2,251 funded by Greater Kingston Kiwanis in memory of Richard Osborn

Library of chapter books at various decoding levels to support foundational reading skills for kindergarten - 5th grade.

Laurie Richens & Michelle Scarr

$596 funded by Kingston Rotary

STEM bins for creative exploration and play for budding first grade engineer.

Sarah Meyer

$607 funded by Kingston Rotary

STEM bins to support creativity and problem-solving in 5th graders and enrichment during STEAM Night events.


Vinland Elementary

Vinland Leadership Team


Wobble chairs as flexible seating options for students who need sensory, attention and self-regulation supports.


Kingston Middle School

Joyce Bishop & Charles Harris


Earbuds with microphones so students can utilize dictation and text reading accessibility features when writing.

Kingston Middle School / AGATE

Jonathan Schmitz


Bench seating for Socratic Seminars to support collaborative academic discussions.


North Kitsap High School

Lisa Schuchart


Interactive display boards for collaborative work and study spaces in the library.


Choice Academy

Jodi Williams


Project Adventure materials and training to provide challenging and engaging experiential learning opportunities to diverse learners.

Wolfle Elementary

Mayra Gaal

$1,400 funded by Poulsbo Lions

Set of programmable robots for the library so all students can learn coding, problemsolving and collaboration skills.


Kingston High School

Rachel Flores


Rubiks cubes so students can create 3 dimensional mosaics to learn problemsolving, algorithms and visual-spatial skills.

Tom Guenther

$1,250 funded by Town & Country Markets

New sheet music for the concert band library to increase equitable representation of women and composers of color.

Winter 2021-2022 - $50,565

Choice Academy

Theresa Rose


Disc golf basket, chains and set of discs so students can install basket and then play disc golf to promote social-emotional connections with curricular content.


Developmental Preschool Program

Pat Muniz


Preschool sized rain suits so the littlest students at Poulsbo and Wolfle can play outside all year long.


Elementary School PE Programs

Jamie Smaaladen


Set of 9 disc golf holes that will enhance the frisbee unit shared between all elementary schools.

Jamie Smaaladen


New bowling balls for the always-popular bowling unit that is shared by all elementary schools.


Inclusive Design Team

Shannon Singleton


Communication apps for iPads and voice output message buttons so nonspeaking students can express their knowledge and build relationships.


Kingston High

Aaron Evans


Weight room equipment to expand fitness opportunities for students enrolled in PE or who are seeking healthy after-school activities.


Joshua Haza

$1323 funded by the Poulsbo Lions Club

Motors and motor controllers for remotely operated submarines to be designed, built and tested by the Robotics Club.

NKSD Counseling Program

Cynthia Galloway


Professional development for elementary and secondary counselors to learn how to implement the new Comprehensive School Counseling Program to support student social/emotional, academic and career development.


North Kitsap High School

Lola Haveman


"Guess Who" game sets in French so language students can practice their speaking skills in fun and engaging ways.

Rebecca Calder


Coffee bean grinder for the Viking Espresso Cart so students can learn social and vocational skills while making and delivering orders around the school.

Katherine Moriarty


Pedestal desks and stools to be used as flexible seating options in the classroom for students who learn better while standing or with movement.

Pearson Elementary School

Jennifer Nelson


Science-themed books for school library aligned with this year's STEAM Night theme and focusing on animals, habitats and caring for the earth.


Poulsbo Elementary

Andrea Cuellar


Materials for sensory/calming areas around the school and a sensory pathway in the halls so students can refocus, self-soothe and manage emotions to promote learning success in the classroom.

Nicole Khvalabov


Culturally and linguistically diverse books to be used in speech/language intervention and a collection of varied sensory toys to facilitate emotional regulation during challenging tasks.

Poulsbo Middle School

Victoria Fairweather


Fluorescent light coverings for special education classrooms to reduce sensory overload and create calming spaces.


Debbie Jo Rock


200 Manga books for the school library, with high-interest social-emotional themes to entice reluctant readers and inspire members of the school's Manga and Anime Club.

Poulsbo Middle & Kingston Middle

Cameron Peters & Penelope Aguilar


Sets of Vernier Go Direct Dynamics Systems so 8th grade science students can experiment with force and motion concepts using sensors and GoKart tracks.


Preschool Communication Support

Molly Kraft


Picture communication books so preschoolers with speech/language delays can express themselves.

Occupational Therapy Programs

Julia Grashoff & Daniela Muniz


Materials to support development of visual and fine motor skills for writing, including letter formation, tool grasp and sensory integration and regulation.

Vinland Elementary

Carolyn Mosiman


Wobble seats for every classroom to provide flexible seating so students can manage their attention and sensory needs.

Jennifer Cleverdon


Set of Lego gearbots so students can learn reading and math in an engaging, creative and cooperative way.

Wolfle & Suquamish Elementaries

Kelly Krantz

$5250 funded by Greater Kingston Kiwanis Foundation in memory of Richard Osborn

Provides professional development in the Science of Reading for 25 teachers and classroom libraries of decodable and fluency building books for 1st-5th grades.

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