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What started as a way to build connection during the pandemic, the Poulsbo Middle School Manga Club has flourished into a 40-plus member after-school group. Students gather in the library weekly to compare notes on the latest serial they’ve devoured,  inform their school and local librarians which volumes they ought to snap up next, and share in their collective passion for Manga. For those that don’t know, Manga is a Japanese comic book art form that sometimes - not always - inspires the more popular Anime seen on television. While the students may enthusiastically debate the nuances of defining Manga, they are clear on one thing: the stories speak to them, and offer a sense of belonging. 


As one student puts it, Manga Club and the 200 additional books provided through the 2021-22 NKSF Grant “develops culture and makes kids happier.” 


Debbie Jo Rock, grantee and school librarian, says that approximately 40% of her school’s library circulation is attributed to Manga books. Recognizing the growing popularity, Rock started the club and enlisted the help of local Kitsap Regional Library Teen Librarian, Kasey, to offer subject matter expertise. The grant they received in the 21-22 cycle allowed them to purchase 200 new books - which the Manga Club helped curate - and a filing system to help store them. 


The students can’t get enough. They frequently come in during class breaks to check out the next book in a series only to find someone else beat them to it. The students say they could happily find homes for another 200 books! 

Scarr Gordon STEM bins (2).jpg
Scarr Gordon STEM bins.jpg


Richard Gordon Elementary teachers Ms. Michelle Scarr and Mrs. Laurie Richens submitted a request for STEM Bins for their 1st grade class. These bins provide a variety of tools and materials for creative exploration and play for budding first grade engineers!


The bins allow for students to work independently as well as with a partner and give them the opportunity to learn and explore; generate ideas; and problem solve. In addition to utilizing the bins for exploring and engagement, they have provided leadership opportunities, team building, and a chance to develop their journal writing. 

Message from the teachers: 

"My favorite part about STEM bin time is seeing the students be so proud of their work.
When a student finishes, they come up and show me with a big smile on their face. They ask for me to take a picture to send home to their parents. Both students and families have enjoyed seeing all of the STEM work in the classroom because of the STEM bins from this grant. We are all very grateful. Again, thank you!"


Take a look at the grants that NKSF has approved over the years to get a better picture of how we've helped the outstanding educators of the North Kitsap School District.


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