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Apply for a Grant


Applications for Winter 2022-23 grants due January 20, 2023



The North Kitsap Schools Foundation is accepts grant applications for the following areas of emphasis:


  • Programs and/or materials that deepen and enrich student learning experiences in all subjects

  • Innovative STEM/CTE/STEAM programs and/or equipment

  • Innovative programs that provide direct support to students who are underperforming

  • Please note: All applications should enhance and support the NKSD core curriculum and strategic goals


Grant applications must be emailed and received by the district office by January 20, 2023. Please allow enough time to get required principal approval and submit before the deadline. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. All grant monies are to be used by the end of the school year in which they are awarded, and expenditures coordinated with the school office manager.


Maximum award per classroom is $5,000. Grant applications that include more than one classroom or school can exceed $5,000 and will be considered. Please be specific about the number of classrooms/teachers or schools that will be included and clear in how the expenses are calculated for the grant.


Grant recipients are required to:


  • Participate in the collection and submission of pictures, videos and other artifacts related to the grant’s implementation for display at Foundation events, social media, and shared with donors and supporters.

  • Publicize their use of the grant and provide evidence of how the grant-funded program was promoted to the school community.

  • Complete the NKSF Grant Impact Summary detailing results of the grant-funded program no later than June 1 of the current school year. Failure to complete the summary may impact eligibility for future awards. The summary may be shared with donors to show them the results of their gift.


The North Kitsap Schools Foundation follows NKSD guidelines related to district level approval for specific types of grant applications. There are no restrictions on types of grants that will be considered but it is recommended that an applicant seek pre-approval before starting an application if there are any questions. For requests involving technology, the district requires submission of a Technology Request Form so that any technical needs can be aligned with current systems. Copy and paste the following link into your browser: You must be signed in to your account in order to access this form. 


Steps for submission:

1. Complete NKSF grant application.

2. Review the application with your principal and affirm their approval on the checklist.

3. Scan and email the completed checklist and application to the district at and to the foundation at Submit only an electronic version (no paper copies will be accepted).

4. Grants will be reviewed by the District Service Council for compliance with the district’s mission and core curriculum.

5. Grants approved by the district will be sent to the foundation for consideration.


Please send questions to

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