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Fall 2023-2024 - $73,943

Choice Academy

Theresa Rose


Local tribal artisan and necessary art supplies for 30 grade 9-12 art students to study native American and local tribal art.

Developmental Preschool

Patricia Muniz


Sensory quiet spaces for Wolfle and Suquamish preschools providing safe, calm spaces for 15 students ages 3-5.

Hilder Pearson Elementary

Lisa Beeman


STEM building kits for K-1 students with manipulatives that promote mathematical and geometric thinking.

Tamera Rabura


Attendance and transportation to Link-Up Seattle Symphony Program for 48 5th grade students.

Tamera Rabura


Attendance and transportation to Bremerton Symphony OrKIDstra concert for 48 5th grade students.

Courtney Ridings & Todd Haltiner


STEM and STEAM equipment and supplies, including flexible seating for Special Education students grades K-5th.

Kingston High School

Aaron Evans


Yoga Mats for new PE class.

Laura Upton


Headphones for blended learning materials.

Kingston Middle School

Lynn Atherton


Additional Keva Plank educational packs, and storage boxes.

NKSD Library Programming

Jeremy Sullivan

$5,000.00 Generously funded by the Kingston Kiwanis Foundation Richard & Judy Osborn Memorial Fund.

150 New audiobooks for permanent collection.

North Kitsap High School

James Andrews


Local artist workshops and necessary supplies.

Justin Johnson

$5,000.00 Generously funded by the Poulsbo Lions Club

Signature Deluxe JoolTool Jewelry and Lapidary Systems to provide students with education in jewelry fabrication and design through the use of industry standard tools and techniques.

Poulsbo Elementary

Cynthia Gilman


37 Accompanist sessions for rehearsals and concerts.

Kristin Hager


53 New books for permanent collection.

Andrea Cuellar


Flexible Seating alternative seating options for students who suffer from attention issues in classrooms and K-2nd grade.

Claire Hallinan


Funding assistance for 105 5th Grade overnight field trip to Islandwood for environmental responsibility education.

Kaleen Steinke


Flexible Seating, focus tools, and sensory calming resources for 4th grade students with attention deficiency challenges.

Mark Korsak


Flexible Seating, focus tools, and sensory calming resources for 4th and 5th grade students with attention deficiency challenges.

Debra Audet


Ga Ga Ball Pit game to improve social skills and emotional development for K-5 students.

Stacy Loverich


12 sets of Science of Reading decodable text reading materials for 1st grade students.

Poulsbo Middle School

Karla DeVries


5 ping-pong tables to supplement existing tables for indoor phys-ed activities that enhance hand-eye coordination and social learning.

Debbie-Jo Rock


STEM kits and board games to enable collaborative skills for 6th to 8th grade students.

Richard Gordon Elementary

Anthony Bainbridge


Ga Ga Ball Pit game to improve social skills and emotional development for K-5 students.

NKSD Special Education

Shannon Singleton


Additional copies of Touch Chat app for Apple iPad.

NKSD Speech Language Pathology

Carly Carbo


App for speech language pathology to develop treatment strategies for students.

Suquamish Elementary

Randall Wood


Seattle Symphony registration and transportation; Bremerton Symphony registration and transportation.

Randall Wood


Ukulele storage rack for equipment safe storage.

Reanna Rapada


Clay kiln, clay and glaze, and CriCut machine for 6th to 8th grade art classes.

Vinland Elementary

Jennifer Lorella


Vinland Green Team hydroponics systems and indigenous plant expert speakers.

Paula Krasowski


Field trip to Olympia (state capitol) for 4th grade class.

Annika Saavedra


Visit from the Burke Museum Burkemobile and 4 Burkeboxes.

Winter 2023-2024 - $24,986

Hilder Pearson Elementary

Jamie Smaaladen


GaGa Ball Pit - for recess and PE

Michelle Scarr


Table and Chair Set / Alphabet Bean Bags - Alphabet bean bags to help with tier 1,2, and 3 reading groups, support the CKLA reading curriculum and students with multi-sensory learning. A small 3 piece table and chair set that will be put in a learning center for students to utilize during SEL play.

Kingston & Poulsbo Middle Schools

Lynne Mackey-Moseley


Consumables for weekly Cooking to Learn programs at each school, including food and drink. Students learn basic reading and writing skills with fun step-by-step cooking activities and corresponding worksheets, and to facilitate independence by completing multi-step, sequential tasks as they prepare for transition from school.

All North Kitsap Elementary Schools

Jennifer Lorella & Katie Lee


Funding to resume the Salmon in the Classroom project in partnership with Kitsap County to replace the salmon tanks at each elementary school and provide bus transportation to salmon release sites for all students involved.


North Kitsap School District Libraries

Rebecca Ryan


A year-long subscription to PebbleGo in Spanish for district elementary school libraries to enable Spanish speaking students access to the same database their English speaking peers currently have.

Lynne Atherton, Debbie Jo Rock, Lisa Schuchart &

Laura Upton


A one year subscription for unlimited use of Screenagers: Under the Influence for district middle and high school libraries. A documentary film ‘examining the impact of our digital age on teens’ decision-making in relation to substances as vaping, drugs, and alcohol’. Each subscription allows our secondary schools to offer unlimited access to the film and curricular resources for a 12 month period. Screenagers: Under the Influence will both deepen and enrich student learning experiences as a supplementary resource for Health classes as well as provide direct support to students who are directly impacted by social media and substance use/abuse.

North Kitsap School District Counselors

Stephanie Robinson


School counselors to attend Washington School Counseling Association Conference: Agents of Hope. Providing them with an opportunity to engage in professional learning that best supports the work they do for the district. The conference provides an opportunity to attend sessions to further knowledge of how to best support students, staff, and community members.

Kingston High School

Lisa Gray-Fritz


Funding to bring in food and outside experts as part of the school’s multicultural assembly celebration. The multicultural assembly is set up so students can move around and visit the various exhibits. As food is such a large part of different cultures, offering a sampling of foods will enhance the experience.

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