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Grants in Action: NKSD Elementary Students Introduced to Golf

Jamie Smaaladen Develops a New Golf PE Program Available to All NKSD Elementary Schools

Two NKSD elementary students playing golf

At the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, Jamie Smaaladen had an idea to introduce the North Kitsap School District elementary school students to the game of golf. Her application for a grant passed through the district and NKSF and we were proud to approve a fun new way for the district’s elementary school students to learn hand-eye coordination and patience. 

Although the grant was approved and the items purchased during the 2022-2023, the district didn’t take delivery until late into the school year. At the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year the elementary schools in the district were improved by a physical education curriculum that included mini-golf. The equipment, consisting of putters, greens and obstacles, moves around the district to the different elementary schools in rotation. The kids are introduced to concepts of force and motion, inertia and angles, and the basic rules of golf in a fun way. The students are also measured on improvement by tracking performance through scoring as the course makes its way around the district and back again.

As NK students age and progress into their secondary school years, additional opportunities to engage with the sport will be presented to them. Having experienced the sport firsthand during primary education provides them an opportunity to more fully engage later in life, opening new possibilities to pursue sports that they enjoy. With the numerous golf courses in our region, familiarity with the sport encourages engaging with our local resources more comfortably and respectfully to pursue healthy activities.



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