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Kitsap Great Give 2024 Results

Thank You For Supporting Our Schools

While we may not have made it to our goal for the 2024 Kitsap Great Give event, we are still very excited by how things turned out.

Online Donations: $4795

Offline Donations: $1750

Total Donations: $6545

We came up shorter than last year by $1242, but we’re not discouraged in the least. Although fewer donors were able to contribute, our average donation increased by 16% to $155.

Your faith in our purpose is also apparent with donor retention climbing in recent years after an initial decline. The level of trust you have in us shows, and we are deeply honored to have earned it.

Graph of NKSF Kitsap Great Give Donor Retention by Year. 2020 is 54%. 2021 is 38%. 2022 is 28.4%. 2023 is 43.4%. 2024 is 47.5%

Notes: First year of online donor tracking was 2019.

Percentages accurate to tenth of a percent only for the last three years.

On top of that, you all very generously helped out by covering the platform and credit card transaction fees at a whopping 99%. We only have to pay $3 in fees this year for online donations, meaning more money goes to the schools.

NKSF is proud to be a part of such a considerate and thoughtful community. We will continue to do our best to represent you in support of our schools.



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