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School’s Out!

Recapping the 2023-2024 School Year, and Some Plans for 2024-2025

A graphic of a binocular view of graduating students and people celebrating. There is a school in the background as well as hanging banners. There is text that says "School's Out!" with confetti around the text.

We hope everyone has a wonderful summer — parents, teachers, and kids alike — filled with time off to relax, quality time with friends and family, and exciting activities. We also want to congratulate our graduating seniors at North Kitsap and Kingston high schools. We wish you the very best for your futures.

Summer also gives us an opportunity to reflect on the past year, what we’ve learned, how we did, and how we can prepare for the next year.

During the 2023-2024 school year, NKSF…

  • Welcomed two fantastic new trustees to our board.

  • Awarded $99,000 in grants, our largest year of grant awards funding ever.

  • Recognized the Salmon Seekers project with the NKSF Glen Robbins Innovation in Education Award.

  • Awarded all 3 of our memorial scholarships to some outstanding students.

  • Implemented a new Grant Impact reporting tool in an effort to more effectively gather data on how our grants are impacting the classroom.

  • Launched new communications strategies to get that information out to the community via our social media and website.

In the coming years, North Kitsap School District faces a challenging future that includes establishing new executive leadership as well as important revenue issues due to declining enrollment, the end of COVID relief (ESSER), and an uncomfortable rate of inflation.

NKSF’s mission is to bridge the gap between state funding and local needs to provide outstanding learning opportunities for all students in our district. As that gap gets bigger, we’ll just have to work harder. But bridging the gap doesn’t just mean raising money to provide financial support, it also means building strong connections within our community.

Our plans for the coming 2024-2025 school year involve…

  • Discovering new relationships within the community, and strengthening those relationships that we have worked to establish.

  • Encouraging community action through expanded information and communications campaigns.

  • Further developing our community-centric fundraising initiatives such as Dine Out and our Cornerstone Club of Sustaining Donors.


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