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2022-2023 Glen Robbins Innovation in Education Award

Rachel Flores’ Flight Simulator Grant at Kingston High School Helps Students Soar to New Heights

Glen Robbins Innovation in Education Logo. There is a black bird on a stack of papers.

NKSF funded 44 grants during the 2022-2023 school year. The grant that sang to us the virtues of our Glen Robbins Innovation in Education Award was Rachel Flores’ Flight Simulator at Kingston High School.

With funding assistance from Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary, Rachel purchased a full, multi-monitor rig with rally seat, flight controls, computer hardware and software to operate the simulator. 

Rachel Flores holding a Glen Robbins Innovation in Education Award certificate. Rachel is standing next to flight simulator.
“The library is a safe place to explore and learn about new ways to inspire creativity, explore passions, learn new skills, be problem solvers.” Rachel explained to us.

In her ongoing effort to develop Kingston High School’s media center in the library, Rachel listens to and helps students do just that by searching for ways to continue building inspiring avenues of exploration. As students expressed interest in learning aviation careers in commercial airlines, the military, and as private pilots, adding the hands-on elements to the opportunities provided by the library media center gives students real-world understanding of their potential career possibilities.

Enhancing the library’s interactive options doesn’t end with just a Flight Simulator. Students are searching for more career options that don’t require college, and Rachel has begun considering additional simulators for discovering careers in 18-wheel truck driving, heavy equipment operation, and train operator. Measuring the interest in these systems can also inform decisions in promoting Career and Technical Education programs.

Kitsap Daily News article - KHS flight simulator provides a career option.

As a Glen Robbins Innovation in Education Award winner, Rachel’s exemplary attention to sustainable education with new programs and opportunities that extend beyond the classroom uphold the ideals that our dear friend and colleague Glen Robbins endeavored to instill in our school district and community.



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